Behance Enhanced by Fotomoto

Behance is the latest company that has integrated Fotomoto into their platform and has made it available to its photographers and artists.

Behance’s core product is the Behance Network, the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work. Creative professionals, from across industries, use Behance to create multi-media portfolios that showcase their work within the Network, as well as dozens of other partner sites and industry-specific, curated online galleries. Partners include LinkedInArt Directors ClubAIGATED, and others.

In addition to the Network, Behance offers Prosite. Leveraging the cutting-edge technology that supports the Behance Network platform, ProSite is a revolutionary new way to build, host, and manage your personal portfolio website. Tailored to the needs of the modern creative professional, ProSite allows users to create a fully customizable website, without touching a line of code. And, it seamlessly syncs your portfolio with the Behance Network for maximum efficiency and exposure.

With Fotomoto’s seamless integration in Behance Network’s platform, Behance Network and Prosite members now have the ability to sell prints of their portfolio content using Fotomoto. You can receive promotional pricing on the Prosite offering if you mention Fotomoto in the signup form.

Step-by-step instruction on adding Fotomoto to Behance accounts is here.

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